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Tips to write SOP (Statement of Purpose) for admissions into foreign universities

  1. Do homework

You have to be thorough with every detail that you incorporate in the SOP. Also, knowing about the details of the university you are applying can help.

  1. Try to quantify the story

Even when describing stories, it should have measurable quantities, helping the readers understand its depth.

  1. Try to be specific

Whether points you mention in the SOP, be specific about it. Dig into its details to impress the admission committee. You have to clearly explain your reasons to love the genre you are researching on. Tell me about your skills and what brings you to choose the subject. Think of yourself and describe it carefully.

  1. Customize the essay

When applying to more than one university, it is important to customize your essay correctly. Never go by the same basic template of the SOP.

  1. Portray yourself directly

Show how you are passionate about your field of research, with eagerness to know the news.  

  1. Proofread and edit well

Instead of proofreading by yourself, ask your friends and family to grade it as they are experts on you.

  1. Take suggestion from professors

As professors experienced, they can offer valuable insights on your project work and understand the perspective that a professor looks for in the project work.

Common mistakes to avoid in SOP writing


  1. Do not work in the last minute

Never make the mistake of writing the SOP in the last hour. Start preparing a month before the deadline.

  1. Incorporating poor introduction and conclusion

 Introduction creation the first impression, try to incorporate impactful information. Write it in such a way that it ensures that the admission committee reads up to the conclusion part.

  1. Using informal tone

Use of informal language is a big mistake for students in the SOP. Use clear and concise sentences as distinguished persons in the admission panel will read the SOP.

  1. Including irrelevant information

Remember, SOP is not the place to incorporate irrelevant information. Just write about yourself and your qualities that are enough to get the admission in the university. Unless the information is pertinent to the purpose of studying, never include it in the SOP.

  1. Being dishonest

Honest is considered to be an indication of a good SOP. Try to be authentic about every detail that you incorporate.

  1. Not editing the SOP

Do edit the SOP for improper grammar, spelling error, punctuation marks, the incoherent flow of the text.

  1. Sticking to the word limit

Try to stick to the word limit that is mentioned in the admission guidelines. A long SOP will not help to hold the attention of the admission panel.

There are many other factors that we have known because of our experiences. Let us write the SOP for you. Don’t take chance.

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SOP Example (1) of a selected student written by us


Statement of Purpose

Course: Post-graduation in Organizational Psychiatry and Psychology

Institution: Kings College, London

The human mind fascinates me. It was only natural that I take up Psychology and Allied Sciences for my undergraduate studies and what I have learned whets my appetite to learn even more. This leads me to go for post graduation in organizational psychiatry and psychology, which I am sure, will endow me with knowledge that can be put to practical use in business and governance. All roads, for me, lead to Kings College, London.

People are under a lot of stress these days and this reflects in personal as well as work life. They can do with counselling. I wish to study organizational psychiatry and psychology in order to help people at workplaces and in their family lives. Professional psychiatry can bring about positive changes by helping to resolve issues. I wish to undergo post graduation in organizational psychiatry since I plan to make a career out of it and be involved in transforming people’s lives. This program is the ideal fit since it offers precisely those topics in a way that will give me skills to practise my craft. It will give me professional standing and engender trust that will lead to better counselling.

Why this university and this country

I believe I can find no finer institution than the Kings College. I understand it is connected with the NHS and is actively engaged in research in areas of psychiatry and clinical psychology. The university offers topics tailored to create professionals with capability to discharge their duties responsibly. It has a fine library, access to research journals and people involved in research and a chance to become involved in practical internship work under the tutelage of seasoned professionals. I will take pride in learning from the best faculty. As for England, I simply admire its system of education, its mores and culture and its countryside. I am sure I will return to India a polished person.


Life is my area of work. Even while studying I kept my mind open and appreciated different personalities I happened to meet. It has given me a rich understanding of the diversities and working of the human mind and the possibilities of applying disciplined studies to treatment and empowering minds.


During my college days I underwent internship program at Jazba Helping Hands, an NGO that works to provide food and shelter to the underprivileged children. My work involved handling of human resources, discussions, designing gaming programs, empowering and training children. I then took on a project at another NGO, Lokayatan that works to empower and uplift women. These projects gave me deeper understanding and empathy. I realized immense possibilities of counselling and guidance as a way towards social change.

Leadership/community experience

Always an outgoing personality, I have taken part in various extra-curricular activities during my studies. I have a certificate of merit in grade 9. One year at The Hague during my 8th standard

studies earned me the Transition Award given to the most outstanding student of the batch. During my school days I was in charge of cleanliness drive and played a stellar role in persuading students to keep environment clean. I was monitor of my class in the 10th standard and in charge of discipline. I was leader of my class in the 11th and 12th grade, tasked with teaching students to keep their cupboards neat and tidy.

Dance-drama is a topic close to my heart. I took part in a 30 days’ workshop at Bhartendu Natak Academy, playing a significant role in organizing a play “Bhram” (delusion) and then took part in another play “Prem Sarikha”, playing the role of a rural woman who has lost her husband.

At another level I took part in the AIFT Fashion show, walking the ramp as a model along with celebrities like Soha Ali Khan and Kalki Koechlin.

Always physically active, I played district level tennis tournaments organized by the All India Tennis Association.

Right since my childhood I have been fond of singing and took part in singing competitions in Kanpur and Moradabad festivals.

I put in my share of community work with EHSAAS – Friends of Street Children in Lucknow. The NGO works to reunite children with families and providing children as well as in areas of childrens’ rights. I participated in a workshop and then put in active field duty. It rent my heart to see children in abysmal conditions and I felt whatever I was doing was far less than what they deserved.

Values I bring to the institution

I take pride in thinking of myself as a multi-faceted, dynamic and talented personality with diverse interests in critical thinking, communications, creativity, music, dance, singing, sports, writing, acting, modeling, cooking, drawing and sketching. I bring my talents to the university and hope to shine in studies and in another areas, possibly inspiring other students to do their best in life.

Career goals and how this course will help

I am ambitious and hope to create a reputation for myself as a counsellor and consultant in the field of organizational psychiatry. Businesses and even governments can motivate their workforce and get them to do much better provided people are empowered, their issues resolved and they have motivation to do more in life. This course will give me the skills and knowledge to be competent. And, to be competent, is for me, a goal in itself.

You are requested to please grant me admission so I can pursue my career goal. Thank you so much.

SOP Example (2) of a selected student written by us

Statement of Purpose

Space is infinite. So is knowledge. The more I learn the more I find there is to learn. It is not humanly possibly to explore thought and knowledge in all directions but I certainly can try to focus on a few topics and advance far down the road. It is this thought that has brought me to this stage where I take a step forward by opting for the Masters Program in Computer Science.

I am driven by a passionate desire to excel. Ignorance, especially in the field of computers, is a cardinal and unpardonable drawback if I am to deliver results to my employers. I have an abiding interest in research and a doggedness that will help me to pursue my goals to the end. Haphazard knowledge is of little use. One must go about it in a systematic way and learn the right methodologies, which, I am sure, the Masters program will teach me. This is of particular relevance when one considers data and data analytics as well as archiving.

I was enthusiastic and a go getter at school. Even then I devoted a large part of my time to learning all I could about computers at that stage. However, I did not neglect other subjects and my concentrated efforts led to my scoring 84% in high school.

It was only natural that I should take up computer science and engineering for my undergraduate course. As they say, drinking from the pool only increases the thirst for knowledge. I did a small project during my seventh semester but my immaturity and lack of expertise showed. Still, I had my project guide to thank and my team members to help me complete it.

I do believe that I am born and made to work in the field of computer science. I have a natural inclination for mathematics and, for me, the intricacies of C programming, multivariate calculus and object oriented programming hold everlasting fascination. There is still so much to know and I am hoping this proposed Masters degree will be a progressive step forward.

“Education is a constant pursuit and the educated person devotes his entire life to this quest for knowledge.” So true! The more I learn, the more there is to learn and I never tire of reading books by various authors to gain insight and understanding into all the facets of programming. I even took on a four week Qspiders training during my summer vacation to further my skills. It has helped.

I am so glad that there is a huge ocean of online community members in the computer field. Each individual spark of genius and thought gives birth to a new line of thought and I am so happy that I can share my knowledge and gain from theirs. I keep on learning and find that no single individual can claim to be perfect. I share, learn and advance.

At the same time, I sit back a little and think. Focusing exclusively on computers will make me a lop-sided personality. Therefore, I take active interest in other areas of life such as creative arts, culture, heritage and environment. I am an active student of various social activity clubs of our college. I have helped to organize events and taken on leadership roles that teach me responsibility and values of leading on the front foot. I also realize that technical knowledge is not everything. I also need professional managerial skills that I intend to acquire through the Masters in Management course.

I have chosen this university based on its curriculum, faculty, course structure and facilities. The university and the course offer exactly the topics that will complement my other technical skills and enhance my capabilities multifold to work in top leadership positions.

At the end I would like to sign off by staying that studies are synergistic with students ready to absorb information like a sponge and teachers being the fount of knowledge. I am sure that I shall be in good hands and will soak up maximum knowledge that will be of gainful use in my future career and also on a personal note. I hope to do well in studies and enhance the institution’s already well established reputation.

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