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Tips to write SOP (Statement of Purpose) for admissions into foreign universities

  1. Do homework

You have to be thorough with every detail that you incorporate in the SOP. Also, knowing about the details of the university you are applying can help.

  1. Try to quantify the story

Even when describing stories, it should have measurable quantities, helping the readers understand its depth.

  1. Try to be specific

Whether points you mention in the SOP, be specific about it. Dig into its details to impress the admission committee. You have to clearly explain your reasons to love the genre you are researching on. Tell me about your skills and what brings you to choose the subject. Think of yourself and describe it carefully.

  1. Customize the essay

When applying to more than one university, it is important to customize your essay correctly. Never go by the same basic template of the SOP.

  1. Portray yourself directly

Show how you are passionate about your field of research, with eagerness to know the news.  

  1. Proofread and edit well

Instead of proofreading by yourself, ask your friends and family to grade it as they are experts on you.

  1. Take suggestion from professors

As professors experienced, they can offer valuable insights on your project work and understand the perspective that a professor looks for in the project work.

Common mistakes to avoid in SOP writing


  1. Do not work in the last minute

Never make the mistake of writing the SOP in the last hour. Start preparing a month before the deadline.

  1. Incorporating poor introduction and conclusion

 Introduction creation the first impression, try to incorporate impactful information. Write it in such a way that it ensures that the admission committee reads up to the conclusion part.

  1. Using informal tone

Use of informal language is a big mistake for students in the SOP. Use clear and concise sentences as distinguished persons in the admission panel will read the SOP.

  1. Including irrelevant information

Remember, SOP is not the place to incorporate irrelevant information. Just write about yourself and your qualities that are enough to get the admission in the university. Unless the information is pertinent to the purpose of studying, never include it in the SOP.

  1. Being dishonest

Honest is considered to be an indication of a good SOP. Try to be authentic about every detail that you incorporate.

  1. Not editing the SOP

Do edit the SOP for improper grammar, spelling error, punctuation marks, the incoherent flow of the text.

  1. Sticking to the word limit

Try to stick to the word limit that is mentioned in the admission guidelines. A long SOP will not help to hold the attention of the admission panel.

There are many other factors that we have known because of our experiences. Let us write the SOP for you. Don’t take chance.

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